Transform Excellence with Webberstop

We simplifies the process of becoming a domain name reseller, offering a competitive pricing structure and a white-label platform to support business growth while ensuring an excellent customer experience. If you’re simply looking to register a domain without becoming a reseller, Hover, our domain registration platform, is designed for users like you.

Webberstop makes it easy to become a domain name reseller. With competitive pricing and a white-label platform, you can grow your business and deliver an awesome customer experience.


Domain Names

Target specific markets and verticals with top-level domains (TLDs) that speak to your customers’ niche or location. We’ve got 550+ to choose from.

  • Go local with options like .AU, .CA, .NYC, and .LONDON
  • Get industry-specific with TLDs like .APP, .ART, & .SHOP
  • Save the day with .COM alternatives like .SITE & .ONLINE
  • And, of course, offer classics like .ORG, .COM, & .NET

Hosted Email

Make a sizable margin with minimal work and no upfront cost. Our email delivers on must-have features, without the huge price tag.

Key Statistics:
  • 6.5 million+ domains registered
  • 22,000+ resellers
  • 20+ years in the industry
  • Presence in 150+ countries
Services for Resellers:
  • Domain Names
  • Hosted Email
  • SSL/TLS & Security

SSL/TLS & Security

All websites need SSL. We’ll help you provide your customers with the right certificate, at the right price, including

EV, OV and DV authentication

SAN and Wildcard options

Certificates from major vendors

We partner with the leading providers