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Our Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution is advantageously prepared for eliminate the purchasing cost of infrastructure & software, With DRaaS not only backup the data, also secure the entire environment by replicating infrastructure & apps to the cloud

As we all know that disasters are unpredictable that can occur anywhere, anytime without warning, it can be highly stressful, expensive and time taking to recover from them. However, if one has planned in advance and ready with a recovery plan, surviving with comparatively minimal loss is possible.


With extensive business risks, prioritizing a disaster recovery strategy is a recurrent behavior among enterprises, often without significant progress. Along with traditional disaster recovery solutions, businesses also need to plan the budget for recovery which includes tough decision making as to which application will be covered and which will be excluded. The conceptualization and decision making has been simplified with the possibility of virtualization of IT resources and offerings of private & public cloud disaster recovery. The contemporary technology has made disaster recovery significantly manageable and affordable, allowing increased protection for all applications at the time of an unfavorable situation.

At Webberstop, our disaster recovery-as-a-service solution is advantageously prepared for you to eliminate the purchasing cost of infrastructure and software, which is otherwise a requisite requirement for a secondary or tertiary disaster recovery site. Our disaster recovery solution is prepared considering your operating budget and gives you the benefit of paying within the same. With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) you not only backup the data, you also secure the entire environment by replicating infrastructure and applications to the cloud.


As quoted by John P. Morency, Research Vice President, Gartner, “DRaaS is the first cloud service to offer value for an entire production infrastructure, all the servers and all the storage.”

The rise of critical IT situations and cost attached to its recovery brings in the need for a DRaaS solution. For small to mid-size businesses where there is lack of necessary expertise to provision, configure and test a recovery plan, DRaaS plays an essential role. According to the poll conducted by a NFIB National Small Business, it is noted that man-made disasters affect 10% of all small businesses and an astounding 30% have been impacted by natural disasters. While there is no escape from IT disaster, customers expect a speedy recovery, which is possible with a well-planned IT disaster recovery solution. There are numerous businesses that fail year by year as a simple IT disaster solution like online backup or DRaas was not in place.u

  • Simple access & Versatile access
  • Scalable & Flexible
  • High availability and flexible RTO
  • Fast Recovery & White glove support

DRaaS Includes:

  • Well-administered disaster recovery service
  • Host based replication & Dedicated staffing having application expertise
  • Multiple QA techniques to validate & restore backup
  • Inclusive of dedicated and leveraged hardware
  • Set up of replication
  • All hardware, software maintenance & upgrades

Machines & Hardware Failure

Though expensive, it is the only way a company can eliminate any single point of failure in IT infrastructure in order to make sure that hardware failure does not interrupt services or cause data loss.

Only Human make Mistakes

This is amongst the biggest mistakes to not consider prevention and correction methods. While ensuring that your data is regularly backed up, you restore it to an error-free state.

Nature is Unpredictable

We all have witnessed disaster and know that it can happen anywhere and anytime. Hence, businesses without a recovery plan find it most difficult or in some cases even impossible to resume operations after a major disaster.

24 X 7 X 365 Access to information

Now days, consumers expect access to information whenever they require.

It is undisputable that every business is looking to protect its operations from downtime and loss of data in the best possible manner. However, due to lack of internal expertise or budget required for implementation of a recovery plan, many businesses fail. Disaster recovery-as-a-service is a relief to such companies to ensure that their data is safe and readily available even after a disaster. Planning a Disaster recovery comes with many benefits, few of them are

Providing a sense of security

Minimizing risk of delays

Guaranteeing standby systems reliability

For testing the plan providing a standard

Minimizing decision-making during a disaster

Reducing potential legal liabilities

By replicating data to cloud machines, you can protect cloud as well as on-premises production instances. In other words, replicating data is suitable for both cloud-VM-to-cloud-VM and on-premises-to-cloud-VM data protection. DRaaS provides the following key elements:

WAN optimization between the customer site and the cloud that enables full data mobility at reduced bandwidth and storage utilization and cost.

Automated Data validation.

DR rehearsal or Practice run to prove that the disaster recovery plan actually works or demonstrates the viability.

Incremental backups or snapshots replicate all protected systems at intervals set by the user for each system

System, disk, Full site and file recovery via a completely self-service/ user-driven portal.

Fast SLA-based data recovery.

The systems, storage and the installed software are safely replicated into one of our cloud data centers. At the time of outage, Webberstop starts servers locally or in our cloud so that you do not have hindrance in providing your IT services to internal as well as external constituents until you are ready to join back the recovered server. With our flexible measures to protect your data across physical, virtual or cloud environments for nearly any operating system, you can cost-effectively recover a single file, a database, or an entire server. Additionally, with each product delivering unique RPO/RTOs, recovery requirements can be conveniently lashed to the value of your information.


Well-administered disaster recovery service

Host based replication

Inclusive of dedicated and leveraged hardware

Multiple QA techniques to validate and restore

Dedicated staffing having application expertise

Set up of replication

All hardware and software maintenance and