Smart Dedicated Servers
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Smart Dedicated Servers

A Remote server committed to a single corporation or application.

Smart Dedicated Server is a kind of remote server committed to a single corporation or application. The server cost is higher than shared hosting plans and is ideally hosted and handled by the hosting service provider (like WSI), or the managed cloud service provider (CSP). This is restricted and is not shared with any other client website, service, or application hence costs more. The pricing includes all the resources a website needs to run optimally. In total, the higher dedicated server cost will equate to the higher value, better performance, and robust security than shared hosting solutions.

One of the key features of Cloud Linux is its ability to isolate individual hosting accounts, which helps to improve security and stability. This is achieved through the use of lightweight virtualization technology, which creates separate virtual environments for each hosting account. This means that if one account experiences a problem or is compromised, it will not affect the other accounts on the same server. Another feature of Cloud Linux is its ability to provide advanced resource management, which allows hosting providers to set limits on CPU usage, memory usage, and other resources for each hosting account. This helps to prevent any one account from monopolizing server resources and slowing down the performance of other accounts.

Smart Dedicated Server Advantages:
  • High Performance and Security
  • Full Control
  • Flexibility
  • Low-cost
Smart Dedicated Server Features includes:
  • Used Different types of RAM
  • Focus on CPU Benchmark Performance
  • Choice of Bandwidth & Data Center Concerns-Network Speeds, Power Supply & Cooling
  • OS- Windows and LINUX; & choosing between different LINUX distributions
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Disk Drive Storage- HDD vs Solid State Drives (SSDs)